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Contractor Safety Management

 Contractor Safety Management

"Contractor Safety Management – A Major Challenge to all types of Industries" 

Contractor safety is a challenging task to all industries. Another thing, we now noticing that, in major Industrial Sectors, almost all new projects, Fabrication works, maintenance work, material handling and Civil works are being done by Contractors. Some of the operation activities of major Industries are also being looked after by the Contractors. 
The below listed bold points are some best practice to manage contractor Safety. Industries willing to manage contractor’s safety can directly implement these simple steps :  

  1. Written Safety Expectations & Contractor’s Safety KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) should be clearly Communicated to Contractor during finalization of Contract. This should be the first and topmost point of Scope of work.  
  2. Safety expectations for Sub-contractor, Site Supervisors & Contract Labours should be boldly communicated through Safety Induction. No one should be allowed to enter workplace unless undergone through Safety Induction. Post induction evaluation must be in place and only qualifying person should be allowed to workplace. Non-qualified person should again undergone through Safety Induction. The procedure should be in place to ensure that only the employees undergone safety induction are entering into company premises.  
  3. Awareness and adherence with SOPs (Safe Operating Procedures) like Permit to work System, Working at Height, Hot work Management, Scaffold Management, Electrical Safety etc.  
  4. Contractor’s Equipment Fitness must be ensured and only healthy equipment should be allowed to use. Such equipment may be Hydra, Cranes, Other Material Handling Equipment, chain-pulley blocks, Welding Machine, Grinders, Cutter set & Other Civil work equipment. 
  5. On the job Training/Awareness/Toolbox Talk including awareness of work specific SOPs for safe job performance and Emergency Management must be done. Training effectiveness must be evaluated, and re-training must be given, if required. Refresher training must be imparted in a defined interval.  
  6. Ensure Safe Execution/Safe Supervision of ongoing job by Contractor’s qualified Safety officer. Qualifying criteria for contractor’s Safety officer must be clearly mentioned in scope of work and must be complied.   
  7. Evaluation of Contractors Safety KPI and repeat Awarding Contract/Renewal of contract should be based on at least 85% performance.  
  8. Enforcement for use of adequate and appropriate PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment's)
  9. Participation & Consultation of contract employees in Safety Management  
  10. Well communicated Penal Provision on Violation of Safety norms or in case not achieving safety agreed safety KPIs.  
Apart from above, there should be a contractor management committee which should look after day-to-day safety performance of contractor. Resolve contractor’s safety related issues, insist them for safe performance of jobs and help in managing all the contractors’ activities in well safe manner.

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