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SAFETY SERIES:– 6 | Safe Manual Handling Of Materials



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Research studies have established that about 40% of industrial accidents were related to material handling. In our company the accidents due to poor material handling practice amounts to about 40 to 50% of the accidents. Hence to avoid the recurrence of such incidents, follow the safe guidelines listed below.
  • When any heavy object is to be lifted and carried to another point, first inspect the area and route over which the object is to be carried. Be sure there is nothing in the way that might cause slipping or tripping.
  • Inspect the object to be lifted to determine how it should be grasped. Make sure it is free of sharp edges, protruding nail points, slivers or other hazards that might cause injury to the hands or body.
  • Ensure that the load share on the individual during lifting the material is less than 50kg.
  • When group of members handles the material, proper coordination should be established between them.
  • When handling sharp objects, like Stainless Steel car body panels, leather gloves should be used to avoid cut injuries.
  • When handling materials having burrs like wire ropes, leather gloves should be used.
  • Always engage persons having safety shoes to handle heavier materials.
  • Incorrect lifting methods require unnecessary effort and often cause strain or other types of injury. When it is necessary to lift any object, which is difficult for one person to handle, ask for help. The easy way to lift is actually the safe way to lift.
  • To ensure safe manual material handling, Always follow the material handling practice provided below to ensure safe handling.
  1. Get a secure footing.
  2. Bend at the knees to grasp the object.
  3. Ensure that the center of gravity of the lifting material is at the nearest possible distance from the body.
  4. Keep the back straight and as nearly upright as possible.
  5.  Get a firm hold.
  6. Lift gradually by straightening the legs, keeping the back as nearly straight as possible.

The same procedure should be observed when setting load down.

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