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SAFETY TALKS: Electrical Hazards

SAFETY TALKS: Electrical Hazards ____________________________________________

Electrical hazards are doubly hazardous in that there is not only the chance of electrocution but also, there is the probability that any electric shock will cause a loss of consciousness that may well result in a fall of some sort. Today we will discuss methods of receiving an electric shock and ways to avoid electrical hazards.

Methods of Receiving an Electric Shock
  • From a defective power tool.
  • From defective extension cords.
  • From overloading a switch or over-riding a by-pass.
  • By not grounding electrical equipment.
  • By coming in close contact with live electric lines.
  • By coming too close to high power lines with the power arching over and making contact.
Ways to Avoid Electric Hazards
  • Always inspect tools and equipment for frayed cords and defective plugs before using them.
  • Never use a power tool that has had the ground plug removed; inspect the plug.
  • Never stand in water and operate a power tool without proper (i.e., insulated) footwear.
  • Keep extension cords out of water when in use.
  • Consider all power lines “live” and avoid contact with them.
  • Follow the company assured grounding/electrical protection program.
  • Disconnect all electrical tools and cords when not in use.
  • Be use all temporary lighting is equipped with bulb covers.
  • Make sure all power supplies, circuit boxes and breaker boxes are properly marked to indicate their purpose.
  • Use Ground Fault Interrupters (GFI’s) on all jobsites.

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